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[PRESSED FOR TIME & NEED HELP] We'll hold a one hour interview every month with you to ask a series of questions relevant to your industry, audience, and vision. In 30 days, we'll deliver you a digital file with:

  • 31 posts for your social media profile
  • 4 short articles on relevant industry experience
  • 1 monthly reflection newsletter that summarizes the previous months content


Why Content Marketing Is Important 

& How Can ContentBacon Help.

Develop Your Brand & Gain Credibility

You need some customized content marketing assets to have visibility, increase traffic, and drive up leads to get your brand name out there.

Delight Customers and Lock-in Retention

Our writers will showcase your readiness to get started in content marketing and propel your hard work into a viable product or service offering. 

Boost Conversion Opportunities

We'll focus on turning website visitors into converting customers through persuasive copy, call to actions, and subscribe opportunities that you receive with these packages. 

Tasty Custom Content Delivered

Every month, we'll deliver a content marketing bundle in digital file format for you to transform your digital presence. 

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Still have questions? You know you need to nail content but simply don't have the time to execute.


ContentBacon offers content marketing as a service. We deliver tasty custom content curated in your voice and your brand to drive up your search traffic and deliver quality leads to your salesforce.