Case Study: Fit2Go

How a Healthy Content Marketing Strategy Grew A Food Industry Powerhouse

Fit2Go is a fresh meal delivery service that caters to health conscious professionals in south Florida. With Fit2Go’s service, customers can choose from a variety of customized meals that are prepared daily and will be delivered fresh to their door Monday-Friday.

Fit2Go has seen significant growth through a variety of marketing channels like Groupon, but has struggled to maintain a consistent marketing message that allowed the company to cater to customers outside of these promotional marketing platforms.


Enter ContentBacon

Fit2Go turned to ContentBacon for a full reset on the company’s marketing endeavors. Founder Cesar Quintero, despite already having massive amounts of knowledge centered around fitness and health, struggled to turn that knowledge into content that could be used on their website and other marketing channels.

ContentBacon worked closely with Quintero to develop a robust marketing strategy that included high-quality educational content focused on fitness and health.

A consistent social media schedule was enacted to keep customers engaged, as well as a monthly newsletter that went out to Fit2Go’s entire customer database.

The monthly newsletter highlighted new blog content on the Fit2Go website and also offered updates on menu items and any promotional deals that became available each month.


After Fit2Go began working with ContentBacon, its website became a destination for health and fitness resources and dietary education. By creating this new online destination, a variety of metrics quickly began to change, including:

  • Increased website traffic
  • Increased amount of time spent on site by unique visitors
  • Increase in free trials initiated directly via the website

By driving more traffic to the Fit2Go site, the company was able to increase conversion of its own free trial as opposed to a promotional marketing offer through a company like Groupon. By controlling the traffic, Fit2Go significantly increased their margins when compared to using promotional marketing sites and added a large number of marketing prospects to their email database that could be retargeted at a later time.

These increased marketing efforts have allowed the Fit2Go brand to become more recognizable in the meal delivery industry and have helped the company withstand a number of new competitors entering the space—including several competitors that have since shut down operations.

Today, Fit2Go continues to grow its market share in the South Florida community and has even expanded into Orlando and has plans to launch in Austin, TX. ContentBacon is proud to have been a part of Fit2Go’s growth and stands ready to assist this burgeoning brand in becoming a powerhouse in the fresh food meal delivery space in the months and years to come.


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