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The 20 Best Marketing Books to Change Your Life

Attention, all aspiring marketing gurus! Are you tired of getting lost in a sea of unverified articles and outdated guides? It’s time to upgrade your knowledge..

Early Adopters: Here’s the 411 on Your O.G. Brand Advocates

Early adopters are brand advocates of the most important kind – they’re the ones who shape the evolution of your product. The question is, how do you capture..

How to Outsource Content Writing and Take Back Your Time

Outsourcing your content is a great way to reclaim your time and resources, but where can you find kickass content that represents your brand? Key Takeaways: 

Chewing the Fat Episode 10: The "O" in B.A.C.O.N

 Wendy and Jason discuss social media engagement, challenging the customer, and a special service for new businesses.

Chewing the Fat Episode 11: Gratitude

On episode 11 of Chewing the Fat, Wendy and Jason talk about learning to prioritize gratitude and reject urgency.

The Evolution of LinkedIn: From Job Searches to the #1 Business Marketing Platform

LinkedIn is for more than recruiting and job-seeking these days – it’s a veritable powerhouse for business marketing. Key Takeaways: 

5 Steps to Outsource Writing (and Take Back Your Time)

You’ve decided to gain back valuable time by outsourcing your content – great decision! The only question is, how?   Key takeaways:

What Goes Into a Readable Sales Email?

When your sales emails don’t convert, look to your email elements for the reason why.  Key takeaways:

The 24-Hour Content Marketing Strategy: How to Move Fast and Kick Strategic Ass

When you don’t have time to waste, here’s how to build an A+ content marketing strategy fast.  Key takeaways:

5 Ways Content Outsourcing Sets Your SEO Agency Up for Kick-Ass Results

Content outsourcing is the secret to a better workflow and more ROI. Here’s why every SEO agency should think about leaving content to the professionals. Key..

Hiring a Writer? 10 Qualifying Questions to Ask Every Candidate

Thinking about outsourcing your content? That’s probably the right call, but don’t jump the gun on hiring a writer without asking these 10 questions first.  ..

8 Content Marketing Companies that Deliver Results

It’s no secret that we love Bacon, but there are plenty of content marketing companies out there that cover other niches (and do it fantastically). Check out..