If customers are the lifeblood of your business, then your CRM is the heart. What does that make us? The brains. If you’re not sure yet if your company needs a content partner (all the cool kids have one), then maybe these truths will move the needle. With Bacon by your side, you can expect:

Enhanced CRM Efficiency
and a Clean Database

Streamline your CRM for peak performance, improving the overall user experience and efficiency in managing contacts.

Cleanse and organize your database, removing inactive or unresponsive contacts, to sharpen the focus and effectiveness of your targeted marketing campaigns.

Comprehensive Dashboards
and Insightful Analytics

We’ll create a user-friendly dashboard providing real-time insights into key metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and engagement levels.

With one, you’ll have the ability to make data-driven decisions based on the analytics provided, allowing for more targeted marketing strategies and a better allocation of resources.

Increased Re-engagement
and Customer Retention

You can expect a re-engagement rate of 10–30% for inactive contacts, contributing to a healthier, more engaged contact list.

Improved customer retention through regular, personalized communication with active contacts ensures your brand remains top-of-mind.

Effective Lead Nurturing
and Conversion

Tap into automated sequences that expertly nurture leads through every twist and turn of their journey, dramatically boosting your conversion chances.

Dive deep with personalized content tailored to the unique cravings of each audience segment, significantly lifting those conversion rates by hitting just the right notes.

Lead Generation

Expect a steady stream of inbound requests flooding in within the first 30 days of firing up new sequences, thanks to our razor-sharp engagement strategies that cut through the noise.

Watch your brand's visibility and awareness soar, propelled by a relentless stream of consistent and strategic content that makes your audience sit up and take notice.

Continuous Improvement
and Adaptation

We’ll dive into monthly reviews and analyses, pinpointing the wins and areas for a tune-up, to keep your content and engagement strategies fresh and forward-moving.

Up to two rounds of revisions for each campaign, allowing for the refinement and optimization of strategies based on real-time feedback and results.

Long-term CRM
and Content Strategy Benefits

Establishment of a solid foundation for long-term CRM and content strategy success.

The skills and tools acquired during this period can be leveraged for future marketing efforts, leading to sustained growth and engagement.

Real ROI
and Growth Potential

The investment in cleaning and optimizing your CRM system is expected to yield a significant return in terms of higher engagement, better lead management, and increased sales opportunities.

You’ll notice a potential for growth in revenue as a direct result of more efficient lead management and targeted content strategies.

We thought you might be.

If you’re ready to transform your CRM strategy from functional to phenomenal, we’re the team you need.

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