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ContentBacon is a custom content provider that helps companies across many industries increase traffic and brand awareness, generate leads, and convert leads into customers through amazing custom content that informs, educates, and inspires.

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If you're looking to outsource writing, our team of writers, editors, strategists, marketers, designers, and branding experts live and breathe content marketing. We create irresistible content that captures the true essence of who you are and what you bring to the table in order to generate excitement, establish you as an expert, and give your audience exactly what they’re looking for.

What makes us sizzle?
Content Marketing
Social Media Copy
Email Marketing
Web Copy
Content Strategy
Analytics & Reporting

Why Content Marketing Is Important 

& How Can ContentBacon Help.

Develop Your Brand & Gain Credibility

You need some customized content marketing assets to have visibility, increase traffic, and drive up leads to get your brand name out there.

Delight Customers and Lock-in Retention

Our writers will showcase your readiness to get started in content marketing and propel your hard work into a viable product or service offering. 

Boost Conversion Opportunities

We'll focus on turning website visitors into converting customers through persuasive copy, call to actions, and subscribe opportunities that you receive with these packages. 

Tasty Custom Content Delivered

Every month, we'll deliver a content marketing bundle in digital file format for you to transform your digital presence. 

Get Ready to Launch

Got a great product or service but little to no content?

  • 1 Social Media Profile Makeover
  • 2 Pages of Web Copy
  • 50 Social Media Posts


Content Done For You

Get people to visit your website through our SEO optimized content targeted for your audience.

  • 4 Blogs Per Month
  • 36 Social Media Posts
  • 1 Monthly Newsletter
  • 1 eBook
  • 1 5 Step Email Drip Campaign
  • 90 Day Strategy

$2,200/ mo

Entrepreneur Easy Button

1 hour with us and we'll ghostwrite 30 days of content.

  • 31 monthly social posts
  • 4 short weekly articles
  • 1 monthly newsletter

$1,999/ mo

Our customers write us love letters

The Bacon Cure

How We Deliver Tasty Custom Content

Our proven content strategy & delivery process is our key differentiator.

Getting started

Brand audit

After signing on for a sizzling subscription, we’ll send out a comprehensive questionnaire to learn everything we need to know to deliver a high-value, kick-ass kickoff call.

Strategy alignment

Kickoff call & first content delivered

During the kickoff call, we’ll deliver pillar topics & outline the initial content strategy for the next 90 days. In less than 45 days, we’ll deliver your first content.

Rolling up our sleeves

Let's pig in!

Our strategy team will meet with you to talk about what works and doesn’t with the content we’ve created for you. Everything we learn (good and bad) will become part of our content guide for your brand.

Ongoing sizzle

Constant analysis & improvement

Every week, month, and quarter, you’ll fully understand what’s being worked on, what’s being delivered, and what needs your input.
  • Plan: Full content strategy with visibility 90 days out.
  • Update: Weekly updates (what we’re working on, what needs your eyes, and what’s being delivered this week).
  • Analysis: Monthly reporting on how your content is performing across all channels.
  • Communication: Your strategists will work with you every month to ensure we’re hitting the mark and then holding quarterly strategy sessions.
We know your organization is constantly evolving, so we want to ensure our work maps to your vision!

Still not convinced?! Talk with us.

Book a complementary call to discuss your specific content needs with our CEO, Wendy Lieber.

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