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Inbound Marketing Feeds Your Sales Funnel



High performing sales people know that the most qualified prospect is an educated prospect. Inbound marketing is the art and science of sales through education. That’s why it works for companies in technology, healthcare, cannabis and professional services. So the question isn’t so much whether inbound marketing is right for your business — of course, it is — but which inbound strategy is going to produce the results your business needs.

What Does Your Business Need


Every business falls somewhere on this spectrum. We’ll help you identify where you land, what types of content you need, and help you make progress toward your biggest, hairiest, and most audacious goals.


More Traffic

I need people to know I'm here.

You’re new to the digital space or you’re not seeing success from your current marketing efforts. You want to increase brand awareness and search visibility. You need a blog with well-crafted content that people want to read and a way to get it in front of as many eyeballs as possible.



More Leads

I need people to start trusting me
Traffic? You’ve got that. What you need now is the ability to qualify leads. It’s time to separate casual visitors from genuine prospects. That means creating a lead hook and using conversion-driven landing pages, ads, and forms to capture information and grow your database.


Customer Acquisition

I need people to buy from me.
Your qualified leads are nibbling…but not biting. You’ve got a strong database of qualified prospects that you’re ready to convert into paying customers. You just don’t have the right bait. At this stage, we invest in CRM tactics like drip campaigns and workflows to drive conversions.


Global Domination!

I need people to see me as a leader.
You’ve got a steady stream of traffic and leads coming through your site. You’ve got a solid database and are using it to its fullest potential. Now you have the opportunity to become a strong voice within your community. You want to lead the conversation about the industry’s future.

Inbound Marketing Feeds Your Sales Funnel


The concept is simple - drive (targeted) traffic to your website, provide useful content that helps people solve their problems, give visitors an easy way to engage with you, help them get to know, like and trust you and nurture those relationships over time into customers.

What Our Clients Say

Karen Gross

Director of Marketing FirstLantic

ContentBacon added the sizzle to ramp up our marketing efforts with content that not only mirrors our mission but engages our audience. Turnkey service and professional writers make this a must-have for any blogger looking to turn it up.

Meg Smith

ContentBacon is great! They created some really amazing content for my website and helped out with my social media. They are awesome to work with!

Dante DiSabato

Broker Associate - Encore Realty

Encore Realty, LLC enjoys the benefits of ContentBacon's services both in working with their team and to the articles that we receive. It has been very professional from the top down and appreciate the timely responses and attention to detail that ContentBacon gives my company. Simply, we strongly recommend ContentBacon in your efforts to generate extensive content throughout your brand.

Eliza Roman

The writers at ContentBacon are very professional, fun and easy to work with. They really know what they are doing and I am excited for things to come!

Stephen Spiegel


That is the best piece of Marketing for CrewHu that I have seen to date. Amazing work!!!!!!!! I am excited to be working with ContentBacon


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