Case Study: MDW

Julia Pimsleur launched

Julia Pimsleur is an author, speaker, and entrepreneurial coach on a mission to help one million
female founders get to $1M in revenue.  Julia’s book, Million Dollar Women, was the starting
point for her initiative to help female founders scale their business, start fundraising, and improve
business strategies for increased success.

She launched her website as a vehicle to gain awareness about her initiative and to build and
nurture a community of women entrepreneurs. What she was unable to do, however, was dedicate
the time to giving her website, blog, and social content the attention needed to maintain her
presence and to advance her mission.


Enter ContentBacon

ContentBacon teamed up with Julia to provide her readers with the valuable resources needed to
develop their businesses and to grow her social media presence. With ContentBacon’s support,
Julia has been able to establish and maintain a bi-weekly Million Dollar Monday newsletter to her
growing email list—with authentic, new blog content that covers everything from networking and
business efficiency to fundraising and mindset.

The team also developed a strong opt-in on her website so that visitors could seamlessly gain
access to multiple resources. Additionally, ContentBacon complemented Julia’s social media
strategy and execution so that she can further share valuable knowledge and insight across multiple


Julia’s website traffic has tripled since the beginning of her relationship with ContentBacon. She started with 400-600 views per month (in October, 2015), and averaged 1,500 views per month by the end of 2016. Julia garnered nearly 2,000 views in December alone.

Throughout 2016, her blog was the 3rd most visited page of her website, and several of her posts appear in the top 10 landing page ranks. Additionally, since working with ContentBacon, Julia’s email list has grown from almost 400 to 3,000 subscribers. Her social media accounts are also thriving—with almost 2,000 Facebook page likes, 5.5k Twitter followers, and nearly 800 Instagram followers.

Sharing valuable and educational information on a regular basis has earned Julia the trust of the women entrepreneur community. When she offers access to her Masterclass, a free webinar, or a paperback version of her book, they’re eager and willing to support her. In fact, she credits the success of her Masterclass to her content strategy.

Julia and ContentBacon have nurtured so much momentum behind her Million Dollar Women movement, that Julia is now planning the fourth annual Million Dollar Women Summit slated for 2020. ContentBacon has already begun supporting this initiative by providing additional content like videos, guest blogs, PR, and social media.

Julia’s business model is still evolving, and her summit is just one of the many initiatives she has in the works. Looking forward, she’ll offer online video courses based on her content that people can subscribe to, watch, and learn from at their convenience. ContentBacon’s support has made a huge impact on her ability to generate revenue and launch programs.

Julia has said, “No matter where I’m at, people always come up to me and tell me how much they love my blog and how much it helps them. I would never be able to do this without your team.” ContentBacon is honored to support Julia Pimsleur and Million Dollar Women as their client.


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