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If what you sell and how much it costs isn’t the differentiator, how do you generate customer leads? The branded product space is super competitive and SOBO Concepts, a promotional marketing and advertising company, wanted to stand out so they weren’t just competing on price—but on presentation, process, and product as well. They weren’t getting a lot of activity from their digital presence and were using more traditional outbound sales methods.

SOBO wasn’t getting a lot of activity from the digital presence that they were settling with. However, they were smart enough to know that they were missing crucial customer connections that way. This is where they turned to ContentBacon for assistance.




SOBO wanted their online presence to generate inbound leads. To accomplish this, ContentBacon helped create case studies, product and trend overviews, and idea boards that were able to be implemented and posted regularly to SOBO’s site. Each of these pieces of content helped to add credibility to SOBO’s brand:

• Case studies: ContentBaon created real-life business situations or circumstances that were presented to provide information showing customers and prospects certain developments that SOBO has helped advance

  • Case studies provide evidence: they enhance credibility by providing evidence of how and why a product or service was chosen by a client. It is also a testament to company that clients are willing to be quoted to enhance the credibility of it

  • Case studies provide guidelines and tips: They provide customers with unique insights can teach valuable lessons or new processes. People are always looking to experts, and case studies portray companies as experts that have the ability to solve

  • Case studies are original: because they are unique to a customer’s (and the company’s) experiences, they are always relevant, provide fresh, new content, and the specific to the company

• Product trends and overviews: By adding short, concise product overviews to SOBO’s website, ContentBacon has been able to:

  • Increase conversion rates

  • Decrease in-cart abandonment

  • Generate higher organic search ratings

• Idea boards: ContentBacon used idea boards to create an impression for SOBO’s customers regarding the company’s expertise. By adding idea boards that are accessible to clients, SOBO has been able to create an impression that shows clients their creativity (a big plus in the competitive, advertising world)

ContentBacon also helped keep their social media presence consistent and interesting using their own content as well as industry-relevant content to position themselves as a valuable resource to their community. This, combined with a weekly newsletter called The SOBO Sizzler, which highlighted four key products each week, helped keep their contact list informed and entertained plus keep the SOBO name top on mind.



This process wasn’t an overnight success. In fact, there were many conversations that started with “Is this working?” Both ContentBacon and SOBO stuck with it knowing that content marketing is all about consistency and building an asset –not instant results.

It worked. Inbound leads started coming in and SOBO was able to generate nice sized orders from large companies. SOBO also attributes several big relationships resulting in $50,000 orders to its online content marketing. One big win was the blogging effort around the popular FitBit trend. Because SOBO had so much great content on these products, companies who were looking to include these as part of their promotional products campaign easily found SOBO and used them as their vendor. SOBO was able to provide an excellent customer experience and develop repeat business with them. We continue to use that strategy to identify trend right products and make sure SOBO creates compelling content on them.. 

SOBO knows how to deliver an excellent customer experience. Now they have extended that experience to lead generation.

It’s a new and better balance. As their partner, we help identify trends that complement the products SOBO features. Then it’s time to bring on the bacon. ContentBacon.


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