Case Study: Direction
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Direction is a small marketing agency delivering SEO services to middle-stage to established company clients. Its staff of 10+ experts includes marketing managers and SEO analysts who provide guidance on the best strategies for linking, keyword ranking, and gaining a competitive edge, among other
SEO hacks.

Direction is all about SEO and content deliverables, but
they were having trouble getting their content production processes down. They had quality issues with the writing they were receiving from other vendors, some so severe that they extended into plagiarism. The company was also struggling with the process to request and review content, which had become a time- and resource-consuming burden.

Direction knew they needed a change, and fast. Their brand reputation depended on their ability to get better content with a better strategy.

ContentBacon stepped in to help create a stronger content production process and get the quality Direction needed for their SEO clients. The results ended up being a game-changer for Direction. Here’s a deeper look at what happened.


Direction's Challenges 



Direction had been running into issues finding high-quality content and understanding the full extent of the production process. They wanted to save money where possible, but quickly learned the most cost-effective avenues weren’t always the best options. The cheaper content vendors ended up providing assignments filled with mistakes, redundancies, and even plagiarism.

The solution was simple: Customers are much more satisfied and see actual results with better content. Direction needed higher-quality written deliverables as well as a complete and dedicated team behind their content strategy to deliver better results for their clients.




ContentBacon was able to set up a better system for Direction right away. The process was easy to follow and implement, and no content needs fell through the cracks. Direction could keep tabs on each month’s more than 120 content items to track their progress at any time. The team loved having that kind of added visibility into the content pipeline.

ContentBacon’s team also adhered strictly to Direction’s style guides and preferences, as well as took care to comply with ever-changing SEO requirements. Direction could meet their deliverable deadlines and provide their clients with much higher quality content with plenty of time to spare.


Direction has seen significant results since they started working with ContentBacon. They were able to work with subject matter experts throughout the various phases of content production, and the ContentBacon team was easy to work and collaborate with.

As a representative from Direction put it, “The content quality was solid. We rarely had feedback, and our clients loved the pieces they were receiving.”

Other key improvements:

Ordering, reviewing, and approving content were very easy with ContentBacon

  • Requesting revisions was fast and easy
  • No one had to rewrite the content to be postable
  • Clients rarely had any negative comments
  • Content was strongly written, well-researched, and polished
  • The content process was seamless and effective


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ContentBacon helps businesses like Direction with better content every day. We’re committed to making the production and review processes a breeze. We’re also backed by a team of experienced writers, editors, strategists, designers, and marketers to deliver the right voice and style so our clients never have to second guess their content.


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