Case Study: Provident CPA

Exponential Growth and Conversion


Provident CPA and Business Advisors specialize in three services for their clients: increase revenue by saving on taxes, grow a business profitably, and strategize great exit plans. They help their clients experience the financial freedom they’ve been longing for, but they wanted to expand their reach to help even more clients.

Like many businesses, their website was live, and they already had their share of clients. However, they weren’t bringing in the number of new customers they desired. Their website wasn’t getting the traffic it could have, and the traffic they did get didn’t convert to leads, let alone paying customers. They have a robust catalog of services, the experience to back it, and clients willing to leave rave reviews for them. They had everything they thought they needed to grow their business. What was going wrong?

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Enter ContentBacon

The solution was clear. What Provident CPA and Business Advisors needed was marketing help. Not just any marketing help would do; they needed inbound marketing. That’s when they found us, and together developed their inbound marketing strategy.

Partnering with Provident CPA and Business Advisors, we were able to identify their goals and build a detailed strategy to help them. They needed more compelling content on their site to entice potential customers to visit. We identified who their target market was, what the focus of their business was, and went to work building a customized package that worked for them.

Our focus was more than simply adding content to their site. They also needed to let people know the content existed (brand awareness). We set up a plan that leveraged their social media accounts and newsletter campaigns to add additional value to their customers.

Our goal was to help them with more than traffic. We wanted visitors to convert to contacts who could be nurtured to generate leads.


Inbound marketing takes time to work, and Provident CPA and Business Advisors was patient. However, they wouldn’t have to wait long. Within a year, the data was in, and what it showed was that Provident CPA and Business Advisors had made the right decision to address their needs.

Within that year, we helped Provident CPA and Business Advisors with their:

Direct Website Traffic

3% lead conversion

Social Media

4% email conversion rate

Email Marketing

4% email conversion

3x website traffic

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