Could you be Bacon's next editor extraordinaire?


Career for Editor

Our core values are near and dear to our hearts. For us to have equal footing in a belief system, you must live, breathe, and eat B.A.C.O.N!

  • Bullshit free zone
  • Act with integrity
  • Constantly curious and creating
  • Outrageous customer service
  • NO Dickheads Allowed

If you find yourself saying, “Yeah, right on!” then continue reading. If not, feel free to bail here. We know there won’t be a love connection.

What we look for in an editor
  • Insatiable curiosity: You do whatever it takes to get the information you need. Research, reading a book, asking someone and following up until they answer you. You stay up to date on best practices not because you have to, but because you want to. When we get a new customer, you’re the first to find their story and figure out who their target audience really is.

  • Storytellers: You know a good story when you read one. Heck, half the time, you’re coming up with a brand’s story and working with the writing team to infuse its message into every article, social post, white paper, video script, and newsletter you review.

  • Impeccability: Grammar, spelling, formatting, style, flow, typos … you see it all and know just how to fix it. No piece of content leaves your desk until you’re certain there are no mistakes. Period.

  • Conversion-focused: You’re able to understand each customer’s audience and how they work their way through the sales funnel. You know what kind of copy is going to persuade them to think, feel, and act. You know content marketing isn’t about the hard sell. It’s about trust, reliability, and credibility, which you make sure is in place at every customer touchpoint.

  • An eye for design: You know copy always comes first, but that copy without structure is just words. You can select images that support the copy and add visual interest. You can create the framework for a page that guides people through the sales funnel. And you can direct designers on how to create what you envision.

  • Open to constructive feedback, but not a yes-man/woman: When customers provide feedback that requires edits, you don’t do them just because they said so. You make sure the changes make sense and support the strategy. If they don’t, you have a conversation with the customer. You know you’re the expert and work to educate and inform them why something will or won’t work. You’re consultative, not a push-over. And when all else fails, you’re able to find the middle ground.

  • Versatile: You keep your personal stylistic preferences separate from your work life. You know that each brand has its own personality and voice. You work within their style and tone, not your own. Sometimes, you even coach the writing team on how to create this for a new company and can make small tweaks that have a big impact.

  • Expertise: You know what makes each piece of content effective and understand how it fits into the larger scheme of things. Blogs, social media posts, video scripts, newsletters, landing pages, whitepapers, case studies, drip campaigns, social media ads—all of it—you know how they play together and how each should be structured to support the overall content strategy.

  • Strategic: You understand branding and content strategy. You’re not an order taker. You work with our customers to understand their goals, their audience, and become a subject matter expert. Then you take that expertise and develop content calendars that advance the goals you and the customer have agreed to. If something feels off-base, you have no qualms about kicking it back to a writer for rework.

  • Coachable: Hamlet said that, “There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” This means you’re open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. You’re able to not agree with something, but still try it on, openly and honestly, to see if it works. You don’t take feedback personally and are open to self-improvement—you want to be better, do better, and do it more. And you know that there is always some discomfort in growth and you can get comfortable with the uncomfortability of being pushed outside your comfort zone. ‘Cause nothing transforms inside it.

  • Deadline-driven and communicative: You have a publishing mentality. You’re acutely aware of every deadline and have the organizational skills to keep track of them, on your own, without reminders from anyone else. You also keep track of writer deadlines to ensure they’re hitting the targets you set. You’re proactive and able to predict outcomes. The moment you realize a deadline isn’t realistic, you’re either reassigning the work to someone who can get it done or you’re communicating with the customer and setting a new expectation. If there’s an impact, you’re able to deal with it. Rarely, but sometimes, this means doing the assignment yourself.
What we expect from our editors
  • Immaculate edits (obviously)
  • Quarterly content calendars that support strategic goals
  • Doing the research to become experts in unfamiliar subjects
  • Comprehensive keyword strategies
  • Content written for humans and optimized for search
  • No missed deadlines
  • An openness to constructive feedback and the ability to give it
  • Honesty
  • A positive, “whatever it takes” attitude
  • Taking on new responsibilities as the company grows

P.S. The fun word for your application is bacon + your favorite ice cream flavor.