Turn Your CRM into a Constant Revenue Machine

There’s millions of dollars hiding in your database. Learn how to mine them in 2024.

Get proven tools from the CRM experts to: 

  • Stop hoarding contacts + declutter your data
  • Bring your inactive database back to life
  • Implement key workflows to make your CRM a revenue-generating machine

Register and get a FREE CRM Checklist and Assessment Workbook! This self-assessment guide shows you how to identify and address your database issues and maximize your CRM for business growth.

“With your CRM, you have to make sure you're using all the capabilities. If you aren’t, you’re leaving money on the table.” 

-Sarah Miller, Chief of Staff, ContentBacon

This FREE Webinar Covers:

  • The Top CRM Mistakes: Stop making the most common errors that take a massive toll on your data quality, user adoption, and marketing and sales efforts.
  • Got Strategy? Learn why your database configurations should align with customer journeys and sales strategies. Doing this will take your CRM from a data graveyard into a living tool that drives revenue.
  • You Have Potential: Your CRM is chock-full of insights that can turn data into action for driving customer engagement and decision-making. Learn how to find those insights!
  • Reporting for Duty: Keeping your CRM data clean and actually using the reporting tools is key. Discover why you should drive your CRM like the revenue-generating machine it is, and you’ll be making better strategic decisions in no time.

The Speakers

About Wendy Lieber
Wendy Lieber is the co-founder and CEO of ContentBacon, a first-of-its-kind Content as a Service subscription company that specializes in building recognizable brands through storytelling, helping businesses convey their "why." Marketing is a part of who Wendy is; she’s been in the field since her undergraduate years and held several roles. This ultimately led to her entrepreneurial journey. 
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About Oliver Tuffney

Oliver, a global pioneer in sales and business growth, has impacted industries from tech to construction across the 3 continents. As Emerse's newly appointed CSO, Oliver's passion for innovative problem-solving drives him to turn complex sales challenges into tailored, effective solutions.

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About Devyn Bellamy

Devyn, digital marketing dynamo and HubSpot's Senior Marketing Manager, has a knack for turning trends into triumphs. From his first website in the dial-up era to smashing goals, he's the go-to guru for turning marketing magic into real results. With a history of dissecting billion-dollar strategies and a talent for multimedia that shines from billboards to browsers, Devyn is not just good at HubSpot—he's a marketing maestro in a class of his own.

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