Optimize Your CRM. So You Can Find the Gold.

Ready to improve the results you’re getting from your database? 

When you’ve got a CRM, but no strategy behind it, you’re leaving money on the table. (Maybe millions!) 

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Turn Your CRM into a Money-Maker

Ready to set up your database to be a revenue-generating machine… where you can leverage quality data and convert connections into customers?

Our Audit lays the foundation to get better results from your CRM. With our proven 3-step process, the ContentBacon team will:

  • Discover your key CRM issues
  • Identify utilization 
  • Create a plan to completely optimize your database

Note: this audit doesn’t create a full experience journey for every segment of your audience. The CRM Audit will establish your baseline to help you get there.

3 Steps to Your CRM Audit

If you’re short on time, mental energy, knowledge, or the desire to DIY it, our CRM Audit is for you.

Diagnostic Consultation
  • Capture your current customer journey experience
  • Establish your current flywheel
  • Identify your current database composition and segmentation
  • Discuss what’s working and what’s not in your current processes
Audit of Configuration
  • Diagnose where it’s stuck.
  • Create clear action items and changes to make in key areas:
    • Technical configuration (integrations + automation, data management, security + compliance)
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Operations
CRM Deep Dive Review Call

We’ll leave you feeling clear and confident about what needs to happen next. Our review will give you real value with a minimum amount of cost and effort.

Let’s Get Started!

The CRM Audit streamlines your database so you can:

  • Remove marketing guesswork
  • Make sales decisions with confidence
  • Convert connections into customers

Select your CRM size

Less than 20K Contacts?

Save $500

  • Diagnostic Consultation
  • Audit of Configuration
  • CRM Review Call



20K - 49K Contacts

Save $600

  • Diagnostic Consultation
  • Audit of Configuration
  • CRM Review Call



50K - 99K Contacts

Save $1000

  • Diagnostic Consultation
  • Audit of Configuration
  • CRM Review Call




Got questions?

Wondering if a CRM Audit is right for you? We’re here to chat. We look forward to hearing about your specific set-up and goals, and how we can help.