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How to Make Boring Content Extraordinary

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Writing about a tough topic and afraid no one will read it? Here’s how to transform even the most boring content.

Key takeaways:

  • Know who your readers are
  • Tell a story
  • Trim the fat
  • Use visuals
  • Grab their attention early
  • Speak to their emotions

When you’re generating marketing content, you want it to resonate with people so they’ll read it. But let’s face it—sometimes topics are just not that interesting to the average reader. Especially if it’s super technical or there’s lots of jargon.

You need a better strategy to boost engagement and get people to actually read your content and care about what you’re saying. Actually, making boring content exciting doesn’t have to be that hard. Here’s how to do it.


Know who your readers are

You may notice that most content advice starts with something along the lines of: know your audience. And there’s a good reason for it. With any piece of content you produce, you need to write with this specific audience in mind. Otherwise, it’s easy to lose their interest from the very beginning.

Go beyond demographics and really consider what your audience most desires in the world. What are their unique priorities? What problems do they face daily? What excites them and makes them tick?

Once you have these answers, create content that will deliver something of value to that particular crowd. Show them that what you’re saying matters. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Make it personal, and it won’t be boring.


Tell a story

Another effective tactic is storytelling. Who doesn’t love being engrossed in a great story?

Instead of delivering facts or product information in dry language, start by pulling people in with the story setup. I.e., why should they care, and what will they get from reading more?

All this means that you shouldn’t be trying to sell to pull people in. Tell a story about a common issue they might be facing. Or mention some surprising statistics about their age group or geographic location. Then, they’ll be invested in whatever else you say next.

You need content that talks about more than your products. Period. Otherwise, your audience won’t stick with you.


Trim the fat

Your readers will quickly move on if it’s unclear what you’re trying to say. Long sentences and paragraphs may turn people off before they even read anything.

Use simple language and short paragraphs. Break up your content with bullets, so your points are more digestible. Make it completely clear what you’re trying to say. Online readers don’t like mysteries, especially when they’re looking for a solution to a problem.

A great way to trim down what you’ve written is to read it through a couple of times once you’re done. Think about which sentences and points you’re hitting on aren’t really necessary to get your meaning across. Remember that editing is your friend.


Use visuals

Another great way to break up your content is to incorporate visuals. Round up your main stats and create a simple infographic or graph that goes along with your text.

People love seeing graphics, especially when they’re reading online. "Visual learners make up 65% of the population", after all. They want to see representations of concepts to fully grasp them. And it can be a lot faster to get your messages across with visuals.

In addition to infographics and graphs, try including images and videos. Maybe you’re introducing a topic in your blog and get your CEO to talk about it in a recording. Put that video into your content so people can decide to watch it for an expert’s take on the matter.


Grab their attention early

Don’t underestimate the power of your headlines, subtitles, and first paragraphs. If you can immediately pull someone in, they’ll be much more likely to hear you out and give your content some attention. 

Here are a few tricks to grab their interest quickly:

  • Ask a question in the headline
  • Make a promise about what they’ll learn (and keep that promise by delivering)
  • Use keywords
  • Use a stat or number in the headline or opening
  • Use adjectives to spice up your descriptions
  • Don’t overwhelm them with needlessly long content

Also, add some humor or conversational language to start your piece. Make your audience feel like you’re leveling with them, and they’ll trust you more and keep reading.


Speak to their emotions

Think about how you want the audience to feel when they read your content. What kind of emotional response should they have? Don’t start writing until you know the answer to this question.

People have to deal with a lot of crappy content on the internet. There’s a ton to sift through to find something of quality or value that can help them. They just want to feel understood and heard by a credible brand they can trust.

Show them you understand their pain points and want to help. Try to make them feel something when they’re reading. If they’re engaged, they’re not going to be bored.


Get better content from ContentBacon

The value of great content is immeasurable. When you can inspire people and make better connections, you’re building an audience that trusts you and will stick around for a long time. And with brand promoters behind you, you’ll continue to grow and get your messages heard by people who need to hear them.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of access. If you don’t have the tools or manpower you need to write compelling content, it’s time to get some help.

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