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How Content Can Turn Your Dropship into a Rocketship

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Content gets your dropshipping store more visitors. It’s simple. Here’s how it works.

Key takeaways:

  • Content gets you more traffic because it:
    • Establishes emotional connections
    • Speaks directly to customer needs
    • Shows people you can solve their problems
    • Showcases your unique selling proposition
    • Uses content across channels

The dream for your eCommerce store would be to see thousands of visitors every day once it’s up and running. But getting traffic to the online dropshipping store you’ve spent tons of time preparing isn’t always easy or guaranteed. 

Your secret weapon for driving people to your store? Content. And great content at that.

Content helps you stand out against competitors and speak directly to your customer base. Content marketing is key, especially when you still have a small budget for your business. That’s because it’s cost-effective and helps you get valuable, organic traffic.

This post will walk through all the ways content is magic in terms of driving traffic, and why a content strategy is necessary for your dropship store.


It establishes emotional connections

Online advertising and selling are often too transactional. Consumers want to feel stronger emotional bonds to brands before buying their products these days. 

Content helps you do just that. You can speak to people’s desires and needs and build trust with your audience before you ever encourage a purchase. Consumers also get to hear from the people behind the brand, rather than being fed empty advertising language. 

Try using storytelling tactics so people are engaged and want to keep reading. They’ll feel a stronger connection and will be more inspired to take the action you want them to take — which is visiting and purchasing from your dropship store.


Content speaks directly to customer needs

Content marketing 101 involves identifying your audience on a deep level. You should know demographics as well as what people do online, other brands they support, their social media activity, and past purchasing behavior. 

Ask questions like: 

  • What do they care about in their daily lives? 
  • What needs do they have that relate to your products? 
  • What kind of income are they typically dealing with? 
  • What are people within this audience usually willing to pay for products?

Content helps you talk directly to them, identifying their unique needs and showing them you understand where they’re coming from. This is another way that content marketing for dropshipping helps you build trust. Your consumers will recognize that you actually care about what they want.

An important way to incorporate these ideas into marketing is via SEO best practices. Think about what people are actually searching for online, including key terms they enter into Google, and start creating content that speaks to those key terms and phrases.


It shows people you can solve their problems

Your content also helps you connect your audience’s problems to your products. You don’t want to be overly negative or anything, but you can craft content that says, “Hey, this problem is common and it really sucks, and you’re probably tired of dealing with it. If that sounds like you, here’s how we can help you solve it.”

Consumers are usually looking for solutions when they’re online. They may be in the exploratory phase, where they’re not yet ready to buy but are looking for answers to questions related to your industry or products. This is a great opportunity to answer these questions. They won’t feel forced into buying anything, but will learn something from what you’re putting out there. 

The more you produce great content, the more your readers and viewers will start to rely on you and be more likely to visit your store and convert.


Content showcases your unique selling proposition

Your store has something really unique about it — you just have to find it and highlight it. Your unique selling proposition is the one thing you have that your competitors don’t. Identifying this special selling point helps you create better content and establish a stronger brand voice. 

Consumers will want to know what’s so great about your store when they have so many other options out there. Make it really easy for them to see why you’re different. Talk about it in all of your content. Then, when they visit your store, they should experience the same tone and voice, even in small doses of content like your product descriptions. Consistency translates as reliability to customers and gets your store more online traffic.


You can use content across channels

Your customers aren’t just on one marketing outlet. They’re on email and social media on top of Google searches and a range of other platforms. The great thing about content for your dropshipping store is that you can utilize all of these different channels to reach your audience and drive them to your site. 

Another benefit of content is that you can reuse it across these outlets. You can write a great blog post about a common issue your audience faces, for example, then post about it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and even create an entire email newsletter around the topic, linking back to your site in all cases. 

Video is also becoming a must as part of your content marketing strategy. In fact, last year, marketers reported that video is the number-one format they’re using in marketing. You can create videos about the same topic you would blog and post about on social media, giving your audience multiple options for how they consume the information you’re sharing.

Engaging people with content on multiple channels gives you even more opportunities to drive traffic back to your site and your dropship store.


Where to turn for better eCommerce content

The eCommerce market is more competitive than ever, and you need the best content around to stand out and drive traffic to your dropship store. Your goals should be to foster strong emotional connections and highlight your unique selling points, all of which can be done with a better content marketing strategy. 

Turn to the team at ContentBacon when you need content that really sizzles. We deliver copy, design, and images for all of your marketing channels so your audience is engaged and inspired. You then get more people to your dropship store, leading to more conversions.

Contact us today to learn more about our services, or take a look at our content subscription packages now.

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