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Chewing the Fat Episode 1

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Chewing the Fat Episode 1

Ready to talk about sizzling content?

In the very first episode of our Chewing the Fat podcast, CEO Wendy Lieber introduces Jason Etter, ContentBacon’s new VP of Marketing. Jason lives and breathes storytelling and is already helping our customers develop innovative content strategies to keep evolving their brands in 2022.

Wendy and Jason dive into a concept we like to call “6 Degrees of Bacon,” which is all about combining SEO value and entertaining, inspirational content. A great example is the Michelin Guide, which was created to foster a community for drivers when cars were just becoming the norm. These guides offered a target audience interesting lifestyle content beyond just selling them something, and have progressed over time to the restaurant rating system we still have today. 

That’s what ContentBacon focuses on: building an audience through relevant stories that do more than talk about your products. This requires finding out what people like, then creating a content strategy around exactly that. Brands need to make customers’ days better by delighting them with sizzling content that adds a lot of value to their brands. Only then do their names become memorable.

This first episode of Chewing the Fat also covers how to make boring things interesting. Prime example: ContentBacon signs every email with “Sizzling Regards,” and we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback about that. Take something simple and get a little creative, and the result is an unforgettable experience for the people you serve (or want to). One little tweak causes audiences to pay more attention.

How can you say something in a way that sizzles? 

Watch now to learn more!


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