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Chewing the Fat Episode 5

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Chewing the Fat Episode 5 –Winning with LinkedIn Messaging

LinkedIn Messaging can be an amazingly effective marketing tool—if you do it right.

People are inundated with communications on LinkedIn, so it’s easy to assume incoming messages are not relevant or spam. What will catch their interest long enough for them to open the message?

In an ideal scenario, the message is not just out of the blue. There has to be some kind of contact or interaction before you reach out, so it’s not just cold outreach. Familiarity causes people to pay attention and respond.

But it’s still a challenge on LinkedIn. When you look at that thread of unread messages, look at the real estate you’re dealing with. You have just a few words sitting there with all the other messages.

Those first few words matter.

The value has to be right there at the start. Begin with the action instead of just saying hello and introducing yourself.

Use emotions and touch on people’s pain points. What are they dealing with every day? It’s really no different from marketing best practices. The value point has to be informational, educational, inspirational, or entertaining.

The goal? Just to get them to reply. A response is a great first step. Then, your goal should be to take things outside the platform, so the interaction is not just an isolated incident.

Social media platforms exist to create and foster relationships between real people. Remember that humans still just want to connect with other humans, and social media has given us a new, exciting way to do it.

Want more? Check out the full episode for more LinkedIn Messaging tips!


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