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Stand Out Among the Crowd: 6 Ways to Win at Social Media

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Social media is flooded with content in our current world, making it challenging to connect with people. Here’s how to stand out.

Key takeaways

  • 6 ways to win on social media:
    1. Create a killer strategy
    2. Post enticing content
    3. Give your headlines a boost
    4. Personalize for your audience
    5. Leverage social media data
    6. Perfect your content

Billions of people are using social media every day. In 2020, about 3.6 billion people were using the platforms, and by 2025, there will be 4.41 billion. With all these users, the streams of content are never-ending. For consumers, content from brands can quickly become overwhelming, making it hard for brands to stand out in this climate. 

The good news – you just need to put the right tools and best practices to work to convert with your content. Let’s go through how to win at social media when the internet is so flooded.

1. Create a killer strategy

Ok, so this one may seem obvious. But many brands unfortunately don’t create a comprehensive social plan that will help them meet their goals. The right strategy will vary greatly based on your audience, location, industry, and objectives. Here are factors to include in your social media strategy:

  • Who are you trying to reach? Always know demographics, preferences, and interests. 
  • Where do they hang out? You need to be most active on the social platforms where your people are looking for content. (For example, younger generations aren’t on Facebook nearly as much as Baby Boomers and millennials.)
  • How often will you post? Create a plan that’s realistic for the resources you have but allows you to post regularly.
  • Who will create the content? Do you have a plan for writing, designing, and/or editing? Content always needs to be in tiptop shape before you post.

Many brands are on social media. But many of them don’t take the time to create a holistic plan based on data, their audiences, and curating high-quality content. Sometimes the best choice is to work with a professional who can take this off your plate so don’t have to worry about if your content is hitting the mark.

2. Post enticing content

Now let’s dig into the content itself. Once you know your ideal audience, you can pinpoint what they’re looking for on social. Pay attention to the posts and content that they interact with most, and put your focus there. 

You also need to keep up with news and trends that apply to your audience. What are they talking about on Twitter right now? What latest statistic applies to your customers? What are their biggest pain points that you can address?

Your social content should always be relevant, timely, and tasty, meaning it is centered around what your people actually care about. Think about what they want and speak to it.

Aside from posting about your blogs, articles, and product information, make sure you’re posting a nice rotation of photos and videos as well. These can be short and simple but are great ways to further engage today’s audiences. Especially online, customers love interacting with visual content that catches their eye right away.

3. Give your headlines a boost

A great way to draw people into your social content is to write amazing headlines. Headlines for your blog posts or articles should ask a question, simply state a benefit or solution, take the “how to” approach, or present a listicle (“5 ways to…”). These are great tactics to pull your readers in so they visit your website and landing pages just by seeing a post on your social accounts.

4. Personalize for your audience

We touched on this earlier, but let’s dig down into how you can get to know your audiences on social media. This requires a bit of work – you need to pay attention to the brands they follow, the posts they comment on and like, and the conversations they’re having with one another. Find your customers or leads on social and see how they use the platforms. Look at trending posts and content and see if they apply to your customers. 

You need to be hyper-specific about who you’re marketing to. Personalization encapsulates this concept in that you’re only delivering messaging that is completely relevant to a person’s desires or needs. 

You can easily post a poll on social media asking your audiences for feedback, which is a great way to get to know what they want. Try using retargeting ads on the platforms after you find out what someone is looking for. 

5. Leverage social media data

All of the above won’t be possible unless you have a method in place for collecting social media data. Whenever you create a post, use the platform’s analytics features to see how many people you reached, who’s commenting, how many new followers you have, and who clicked through to your website or landing page. This helps you understand which content works and which doesn’t. 

While most platforms offer analytics tools for businesses, sometimes it might make sense to use a tool that combines all of your social data into one easy-to-understand dashboard, like Buffer or Sprout Social.

6. Perfect your content

With the flood of information on the internet today, consumers are extra cautious about who they support and interact with online. If they see something shady in your content, they won’t think twice before assuming it’s spam.

Always thoroughly edit your content to check for typos. And make sure it’s well-written and clear. It’s worth it to invest in your writing and design team so that you are only producing high-quality content on social media. Typos, mistakes, and poor formatting can turn someone off from your brand in an instant.

Work with ContentBacon to spruce up your social

You may just not have the time to focus on these tips and strategies for your social media content. And that’s ok. ContentBacon is here to help. We step in to help you create the right plan, connect your goals to our offerings, and deliver high-quality, delicious content for your social media channels.

Leave the work to the experts so you can win at social media. It’s never been more important to up your game. Contact our team today to get started. 

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