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Don't Let Your Content Rest in Peace – Reasons You Should Repurpose

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No one-hit wonders here

Businesses are starting to catch on to the benefits of having great content on their websites. Some content has a shelf life, like when it talks about a specific event happening on a specific date. Other content may be about a software update and not make sense to reuse at a later date when the update is old news. Some content, however, is evergreen, and it is good no matter the season, the year, or the trends. This type of content you can reuse at a later date and get more bang for your buck.

Why repurpose content

Repurposing doesn’t mean you have to publish the content again at a later date. It simply means you’re using the information contained in the blog to attract more readers to your site and pull them further into your marketing funnel. There is a whole host of consumers out there looking for the content you provide, but don’t know your website exists. The goal of repurposing is to find these people and to rank higher in search engines. When you share your content on social media in the form of a post or an entry, you’re increasing awareness about your brand and finding traction.

But visibility isn’t the only reason you may want to repurpose your content. Not every blog entry is going to get hundreds of shares or even hundreds of views. This content may be well-written and have a lot of valuable information that you want to spread to the masses, but for whatever reason, it doesn’t take off. This is your chance to give that content another go of it.

There’s also the added benefit that you only have to make a few tweaks to an existing article so it better fits whichever platform you’re posting it on. Instead of creating an entirely knew post, which includes time researching, writing, editing, and then formatting, you have a post that’s ready to go without all the extra work.

Repurposing can also increase traffic to your website as you link back to your site. The more places that link to your site as a credible place to find information, the higher your website will rank in search engines. Remember that not all websites hold the same authority in search engines. A backlink to your site from The New York Times will increase your visibility more than a backlink from a small or medium business website.

This all sounds like a win, but how can we go about repurposing our content?

How to repurpose content

You can repurpose content on website, as we did with our A Year’s Supply of Bacon Bits at the start of 2019, or you can repurpose it in other ways. Another great way to repurpose is to create an eBook with older, useful information, and use it as a lead generator for your newsletter. People who are interested in your free book would download it in exchange for their email information, and the knowledge that they’re being signed up to a newsletter, pulling them deeper into your funnel.

  • Turn your content into webinars. Then, if you create graphics with great information on it for your webinar, you can later use these slides on social media to garner some attention.
  • Find other sites to publish on. You can publish posts on LinkedIn and many other sites used specifically for publishing posts and drawing a crowd, like Reddit, Medium, and Examiner.
  • Turn it into an infographic. An infographic allows you to make awesome images to display your information on Pinterest, your website, or to share wherever you see fit.
  • Create a podcast around older blog posts. There’s another world of consumers who listen rather than read. Take advantage of it with podcasting.
  • Create videos. Use your blog posts to create videos, or if you have videos and podcasts you’re repurposing, turn them into blog posts.
  • Older posts will contain outdated information at times, you can update these as new statistics and information changes.
  • Do guest posts on other industry sites. This may take a bit more tweaking and changing up, but you can contact other industry blogs and reuse great content as a guest post for them.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to repurposing old content, but you first need amazing content on your site. That’s where ContentBacon comes in. We make your website shine and draw potential customers to your business who have needs only you can answer. Learn more about us and see how we can help you grow through inbound marketing.

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