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A Year’s Supply of Bacon Bits - 2018

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Six recurring themes in digital marketing this year

Time flies when our tribe of scribes are crafting hundreds of pieces of content each month for our many customers. Telling their stories took us in many directions this year. Even so, we noticed some well-defined patterns as we kept our finger on the pulse of digital marketing through 2018.

At the core of every piece of content is a story. Each story must resonate with a group of people who are looking for education, perspective, or validation. This year, our storytelling orbited around six main themes.

We write our Bacon Bits not to pontificate, but to share what we observe. It’s why two of the most often-used words in our articles this year are “How” and “Why.” Here’s a year’s supply, sorted by theme. Bon Appetit!

Inbound marketing and the buyer’s journey

Work Smarter, Not Harder - Why You Should Take Your Business Inbound

Inside the Buyer's Journey

Going Inbound: Attract, Engage, and Delight

How Search Phrases Tell You Where People are in Their Buyer’s Journey

Thought Leadership and Why it Matters

Don't Fall behind, Why Your Health Practice Should Go Inbound

How’s Your Web-Side Manner?

Online Content to Engage Prospective Customers

Don’t Struggle With Social Media: Products Don’t Have Opinions

Well, Maybe … if You’ve Got Nothing Better to Do: Are Your Sales Pages Failing because Your CTA Is Nothing but a Big “Meh?”

Blogging Is Not a Marketing Strategy, but Your Marketing Won’t Succeed Without It

Dear “valued customer”? The peril of knowing who they are and not doing anything about it.

People don’t care about your business, they care about their problems. What’s your content doing about that?

Sight, sound, and words

5 Things You Have to Get Right with Your Website’s Intro Video (You’ve Got One of Those, Right?)

More than Keywords: Three Ways Content can increase your Professional Firm's Visibility

Beautiful Music: A Quartet of Trends Making a Difference in Tech Marketing

Kick Your Startups’ Content Marketing up a Notch with These Kickass Tips

How Video Can Drive Awareness for Your Healthcare Business

How to Choose Content Ideas for your Cannabis Business

Why You Need a Blog for Your Healthcare Practice

Infographics: The Ingredients To Your Brain’s Favorite Superfood

There’s a Place for High Production Values, and Maybe It’s Not in Your Upcoming Video Campaign

Video: It’s no longer an expensive marketing luxury, and it’s no longer an option. Are you on board?

Targets (Cannabis and professional services and millennials, oh my!)

Are Millennials Changing the Landscape of B2B Marketing?

Influencer Marketing for B2B: Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

How to Incorporate Influencer Marketing into Your Strategy

Connecting with Cannabis Consumers: The Dos and Don’ts of Marketing Marijuana

How to Grow Your Cannabis Brand

How to Effectively Market Your Cannabis Business

4 Examples of Lead Hooks for Your Financial Firm

How Legal Professionals Can Leverage LinkedIn

How to Build Authority for your Professional Service Business

Landing the Lead in Financial Services

The Most Effective Way to Successfully Market Your SaaS platform

Know Your Buyer Persona: Is the Content You’re Delivering Reaching the Right Audience?

Think Like a CEO: How to Talk Tech to Executives

Don’t Let Your Healthcare Practice Get Left Behind: Why Social Media Is a Powerful Marketing Tool


Valuable Lessons Learned as an Entrepreneur

The Quick and Dirty on GDPR for Small US-Based Companies

Look Alive! If Your Business Isn't Doing These Things Online, You May as Well Be Dead

In This Digital Era, Your Website Needs to Be Responsive


Should You have a Personal or a Business Instagram Account?

A Method Behind the Madness: Why There's More to Instagram Than the Pictures We Post Guest Blog by JLB Florida


Tweaking Your Content to Play Nice with Voice Search

Keyword Envy? Here’s Why Smart Marketers Don’t Lose Sleep at Night.

Why Local SEO Is like the Farm to Table Movement. What Marketers Should Know About Both.

How to Hire an SEO Team and Increase Your Website's Success Guest Blog by JLB Florida

On Your Way Home: Why Local SEO Is One of the Most Important Marketing Strategies of 2018.

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