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5 Ways Content Outsourcing Sets Your SEO Agency Up for Kick-Ass Results

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Content outsourcing is the secret to a better workflow and more ROI. Here’s why every SEO agency should think about leaving content to the professionals.

Key takeaways:

  • Content production isn’t your expertise as an SEO agency owner, so leaving that work to the professionals ensures you’re delivering great content on a schedule 
  • Outsourcing content to the pros ensures you get better quality content that delivers real value to the reader
  • Conversion-focused content helps audiences move along the buyer’s journey and eventually buy into your client’s product or service 
  • Content success requires consistent publication, which is easier with a team of writers working with you
  • A team of pro writers can become lay experts in your client’s industry and create content that reflects industry expertise 
  • Leaving content production to the experts saves you valuable time you could be using on high-level work as an SEO agency owner

For every kickass SEO agency, there’s great content production behind the success story. After all, content is half the battle for getting SEO results. Without sizzling content to back up the strategy, you get nowhere.

The problem is that your focus is on SEO, not content. You wear a lot of hats, but content extraordinaire isn’t one of them. (You have way too much on your plate without adding writing to the mess!)

For many agencies, it’s not feasible to produce content in-house, but you still need great content for your SEO strategies to succeed.

That’s where outsourcing content comes in. You can put compelling content behind your SEO strategies without struggling to find a good freelancer, or worse, slaving over your laptop at 11 p.m. to write it all yourself. That doesn’t even account for if your clients need content. What will you do then?

All it takes is building a partnership with an out-of-this-world content writing agency. When you work with a team whose entire deal is content, you’re basically guaranteed expert content that fuels your SEO strategies to the moon.

Here’s why content outsourcing is just common sense for SEO agencies.


#1: Get better quality content that delivers real value

According to Buffer, 55% of users spend 15 seconds or less reading a blog post before deciding to move on. Ouch!

That’s why it’s important to publish quality content that doesn’t just grab the reader’s attention but keeps them engaged. You can probably infer that if a user hops away from your blog post after 12 seconds, your content hasn’t done its job delivering value.

Your reader’s time is valuable. If they think they’re not going to come away from your content with something they didn’t have before (like sweet, sweet knowledge), then they’re going to bounce.

A content agency focuses on delivering value and substance with every piece of content. Letting expert writers, editors, and strategists handle your content production ensures that every blog post, white paper, and eBook is packed with solutions to a problem or tidbits of information that your reader can actually put to good use.


#2: Conversion-focused content moves audiences along the buyer’s journey

It’s not enough to slam out a blog post and hit the publish button without considering the intent of the content. Especially for SEO agencies, it’s critical to have conversion-focused content that moves the reader along their own personal buyer’s journey.

If you use the flywheel model, then there are three stages: attract, engage, and delight. Every piece of content you publish needs to attract, engage, or delight the audience reading it. Here’s where you should put the focus for each stage:

  • Attract: you earn the reader’s attention and remove barriers so they can learn about your company and product.
  • Engage: you start a relationship with the reader so they can reach out and buy when their timeline says it’s right.
  • Delight: you go above and beyond to support customers in reaching their goals.

Content writing agencies know what makes good conversion-focused content, so they can ensure your content hits that sweet spot of delivering what your reader needs when they need it. 


#3: It’s easy to publish consistently with a team behind you

SEO success demands a consistent publishing schedule. You simply can’t publish content willy-nilly and expect it to go anywhere. At the same time, it’s hard to maintain that stream of constant content when you’re delivering work to multiple clients (and trying to publish content that backs up your own SEO strategy too). 

When you partner with a content agency, you have an entire team on your side that includes project managers, so you can expect them to keep their finger on the content publication pulse for you. No more tracking deliverables or fretting about missed editorial calendar deadlines. Just sweet, sweet content on a scheduled basis.


#4: Expert-level writers have the chops to specialize in your subject matter

Even though you might have SEO expertise that applies to a lot of different industries, writing as a subject matter expert is an entirely different ballgame, especially when your clients are in diverse areas of business. 

When you outsource content to a content agency, you’re getting writers with research chops and experience in different industries. Professional writers can learn your clients’ industries fast, or better yet, already have the experience. 

The result is killer content that positions your client as a leader and source of knowledge in their field. Trust us, every SEO strategy needs meaty content that conveys real value, and you can’t fake that with Google.


#5: Save time by kicking a monumental task off your plate

Writing isn’t fast when it’s not your M.O. Even if it were, where else could you spend that time? Without a doubt, you have an endless to-do list that’s peppered with high-level creative and strategic tasks that deserve your time and resources.

So don’t get stuck hammering out blog posts and email newsletters when you could be working on thought leadership or planning strategy for the next big client. Instead, working with a team of expert content writers, editors, and strategists gets the work done even faster without taking up any of your valuable working time. 


Get kick-ass results by outsourcing to the right partner agency 

With freelancers and third-party platforms, it’s easy to get inconsistent results, which could put you off outsourcing when in reality it’s the best choice for your situation. You could go with a single freelancer, who has limited resources, or a big work platform where you’re not really sure what you’re going to get. Or you could partner with an agency that has a whole team to make sure you strategize, create, and implement kick-ass content with even better results.

At ContentBacon, creating tasty storytelling content is our M.O., so why not partner with us? Our team includes rockstar writers, editors, and content strategists who will learn your brand inside and out so we can write sizzling content that’s truly yours. 

Ready to partner with the perfect agency for your content outsourcing needs? 

Get your FREE inbound marketing assessment now, no strings attached. We’ll analyze your content, find ways to improve your lead gen and conversion opportunities and give you a diagnostic review, all with no obligation. 

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