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How to Write the Perfect Sales Letter

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The perfect sales letter connects with people and inspires them to buy a product or service. But where do you start? Check out these six ways to do it right.

Key takeaways:

  • A sales letter is a communication from your brand used to persuade an audience to buy a product or service
  • Six ways to improve how you write sales letters:
    1. Write a catchy hook
    2. Integrate case studies
    3. Bring in statistics
    4. Make it time-sensitive
    5. Speak to the audience’s desires and pain points
    6. Make it easy to read


Content is a critical part of marketing, advertising, and sales efforts. You need the right communication methods and copy to create compelling stories about your brand and connect with audiences to inspire them to support you.

One piece of content you’ll need to create at some point is a sales letter. These letters essentially inform people about what your business sells and tries to get them to buy it. They’re pretty straightforward, yet it can be a challenge to write them properly. You don’t want to produce a letter that’s stale.

This article will walk through what a sales letter is and how to write the perfect letter.


What is a sales letter?

Sales letters help you showcase your brand alongside a new product or service. Their goal is to persuade someone to buy what you’re selling. It must be persuasive and needs to establish credibility and trust with your audience. You can reach people directly with these letters, providing details about the new offering and why people should care.

Letters no longer have to be sent through the regular mail to reach people. You can post them on your website, send them via email, or include them as a part of other marketing communications you send out.

You can speak directly to customers’ pain points with sales letters, making sure they know that your product will provide a solution to their pressing needs. But, you have to be convincing, and you need to include details that will prove that what you’re saying is true.


6 tips for writing the perfect sales letter

When you write a sales letter, it isn’t always easy to get started. You want to sound genuine and avoid the salesy speak, while also making a case for your service or product. It has to be engaging, intriguing, and authentic to really make an impact. These six tips will help you get started:

1. Write a catchy hook

Engage people right from the start with a catchy headline (if applicable) and a hook in the introduction. Use clear language and try a tactic like asking a question. Ask yourself why someone should keep reading, and use the answer as a starting place for your hook.

A great hook takes knowing your audience, so think about what would make that particular group excited about your product.

2. Integrate case studies

People will trust you more if you can show a great track record. Include a case study in your sales letter that outlines how you helped a previous client. Include quotes and measurable outcomes they achieved because of your product or service.

Be clear about the value you added to this client and how you can provide the same results for other customers.

3. Use statistics

Your case will only be stronger if you can bring in numbers. Do some research about your industry or the problems your audience faces. This sets you up to explain how your product or service delivers a solution people can count on.

4. Make it time-sensitive

People are likely to snooze on a new product unless they think it’s not going to last forever. Create some urgency by talking about a one-time offer or a temporary service. Maybe you expect a product to sell out fast. If so, you should indicate that in your letter, so it’s time-sensitive.

You can also make your sales letter timely by talking about a current event or trend in the industry that impacts your audience directly. Get them thinking about what’s happening right now, and introduce your product as the solution.

5. Speak to the audience’s desires and pain points

A great salesperson knows what their targets care about. By identifying their needs and wants, you can create an emotional response when you talk about the solutions you can give them. Focus on what they might be going through or challenges they may be facing.

Ask yourself what people’s daily frustrations are. What keeps them up at night?

Craft your language so readers feel like you’re talking directly to them. These emotional responses will build trust, and they’ll be more likely to convert.

6. Make it easy to read

An effective sales letter will leave nothing to the imagination. Your language should be simple and straightforward. Avoid industry jargon and break up copy so that paragraphs aren’t extremely long.

You want people to read every word of the letter, and they won’t get very far if they have to stumble over clunky or confusing language.

Clearly emphasize the benefits of your products and services, which will drive people to buy.

Writing the perfect sales letter is easier said than done. You need content that will engage and inspire people to act, creating strong connections with your brand that will last. Writing a killer sales letter is one way to show people what your business can do.


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