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6 Signs You Should Outsource Marketing

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Running into these roadblocks? They might be signs you’re ready to outsource.

Key takeaways

  • 6 signs you need to outsource:
    1. You need time to focus on other things
    2. You have no marketing plan
    3. You don’t have the right content
    4. You’re not seeing great ROI
    5. You can’t afford a full-time employee
    6. You need to level up your marketing plan

You know how important it is to market effectively to your audiences. But do you have the time and resources to reach them at every stage of their journey? More companies are outsourcing these tasks to experts when they don’t have the time or ability to do it themselves. In fact, 80% of small businesses plan to outsource in 2021 to save time, grow their business, and work with experts.

Companies outsource for several different reasons, such as:

  • They want to save money
  • They don’t have a marketing strategy
  • They want to leave these responsibilities to the pros

Whatever the reason, outsourcing brings many benefits to businesses of all shapes and sizes. By outsourcing, you can leave marketing jobs to the experts who have resources and connections you don’t. Doesn’t sound too shabby, does it?

Here are six signs you should consider outsourcing your marketing functions.

1. You don’t have time for the things you should be doing

When you’re running a business, it’s common to have your hand in many different areas. But if you find yourself spending too much time trying to manage marketing and not enough time focusing on growing the business, you can turn things around by outsourcing marketing tasks. Free up more time so you can keep moving forward.

2. You don’t have a real plan for marketing

Sure, you have a website and a blog. You post on social media occasionally. But are these outlets getting the attention they deserve?

Do you have any real strategy, or are you just posting when you can?

You’ll get much more ROI out of marketing when you can create a plan based on data and facts. You’ll reach more prospects and engage more customers when you have someone putting all their focus into marketing.

3. You’re lacking content

Have you ever seen an awesome article, infographic, or video on another website and thought, “I wish I had time to create something like that”? With the right marketing partner, you can.

Creating more valuable content helps you attract more leads. The world has gone digital, and you can’t afford to miss out on all the opportunities for online engagement that content brings you. Open yourself up to getting better content for your brand with the right third-party help.

4. You’re not seeing ROI on your marketing efforts

Even if you and a couple other team members are posting regularly and paying for ads, sometimes you may not notice any difference on the bottom line. This means you’re wasting time, energy, and money on campaigns that aren’t working for you. Outsourcing marketing means you can better track and manage the costs of each campaign versus what you get in return.

When someone is tracking these numbers and paying attention to what works and what doesn’t, you’ll be able to alter your approach to become even more successful. To keep that bottom line healthy, sometimes it just makes sense to outsource.

5. You can’t afford to hire a full-time marketing employee

One of the most common reasons to outsource marketing is that you just can’t afford a full-time hire right now. They will need a salary, benefits, equipment, and other costs that you can’t swing. Outsourcing gives you the same level of dedication to your marketing plan but without those extra requirements. Not to mention, you usually have access to a whole team of experts, not just one person. You can also pay for what you need when you outsource and boost your marketing approach right away.

6. You need to level up your marketing plan

Perhaps you already have a marketing strategy that works fairly well. But as your business grows, you realize that you’ve got to do more to keep audiences engaged. You need a better plan for scaling. This means it may be time to bring in the experts.

Using a third-party service, you get help from experts who can open your eyes to content and outlets that may not even be on your radar. They can show you new marketing tools, analytics software, and other technologies to create a more efficient workflow and automate processes.

Ready to outsource? ContentBacon is here

If you’re experiencing any of these six roadblocks, it’s time to outsource content marketing. The ContentBacon team is ready to help you take your marketing strategy to the next level. We offer three monthly subscriptions so you can choose the kind of content you need right now and scale when you’re ready. We help you move leads through your inbound marketing flywheel: attracting and converting leads, delighting customers, and creating long-term brand promoters.

Get in touch with ContentBacon to learn more about how our tasty content options help your business keep growing. Our marketing strategists, editors, writers, and designers are ready to customize our services to your goals.

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