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Outsourcing Could Be the Best Thing You Do for Your Content Marketing Needs

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Let’s face it; you just can’t afford to slack on content marketing and expect to see results. Outsourcing this monumental task can save you time and money while leaving quality content strategy and creation to the pros.


As your business grows, you’ll quickly see a need for a better content marketing strategy. After all, in today’s everything-digital environment, it’s impossible not to have a solid plan for your content without seeing the impacts on your bottom line.

Let’s be real – as an entrepreneur, you’re probably not a content expert. You just want to produce quality copy to help get your message out there for the world to see. But what’s the best way to do it?

The answer is simple: outsource. Outsourcing marketing tasks like content strategy, writing, and social media frees up valuable time so you can focus on other important tasks and functions.

Here are five other convincing reasons to start now.

1. Save money

Why beat around the bush? You have a lot to think about when managing a business, and money is at the top of the list. Compare hiring a full-time staff of writers and marketers to outsourcing these tasks to an all-in-one solution. You pay for the services you want, and they do the rest.

Save money on full-time salaries and benefits by outsourcing content marketing tasks to experts in the industry who know what they’re doing. Which leads us to our next point…

2. Leave the writing to the experts

Again, you probably didn’t get into the small business or startup world because you love writing. So why would you try to tackle content marketing yourself?

The truth is, there are actual experts out there who solely focus on writing. And not just any type of writing – content marketing writing. These specialists ensure you’re always getting high-quality, conversion-focused copy that represents your brand’s tone, vision, and goals.

Leave content marketing to the experts by outsourcing. Get help telling more compelling stories that reflect your values. You’ll not only get access to strategists but content experts, writers, editors, and designers, as well.

3. Free up your precious time

Delegating can be a challenge for some entrepreneurs. Some want to have a hand in everything, or they want to write every word of copy, even if that means working all hours of the day and putting other considerations (you know, like growing the business) on the back burner.

Reclaim your time by outsourcing content creation. Allow yourself to focus on big picture responsibilities. Tell yourself it’s OK to ask for help and trust other people to deliver. When you hire a team of specialists, they’ll be able to handle marketing tasks more effectively than you can all by yourself – a fact that some may be loath to admit.

4. Boost brand loyalty

Putting out great content is about more than getting leads and new customers. It’s also about establishing your brand’s credibility. The more quality content you produce, the more search engines will recognize your website, and the more potential customers will start recognizing your name, logo, and style. They will come to trust you as their go-to source of information.

Creating a blog to backup your brand is one of the best things you can do to inspire your audience and show them that you know your stuff. These all lead to improving brand loyalty, which is crucial for long-term growth and success, no matter your industry.

5. Regular, quality content

Another reason you should start outsourcing your content marketing is to ensure you’re consistent. You may have the best intentions in writing and sending out your content, but until you have a team actually planning, scheduling, and managing these tasks, it’s too easy to let them fall through the cracks.

Outsourcing your content creation and management means that you’ll have peace of mind knowing your business will send out quality content regularly and consistently. And consistency is right up there with quality for a holistic, successful inbound content marketing plan.

Let’s cut to the chase

We know your time is money, so we won’t sugar coat it – work with ContentBacon when you need juicy, sizzling, high-quality content for your brand. We have a whole team of content professionals who are ready and waiting to help with all your content needs.

We’ll help you revamp your inbound marketing strategy, so you’ll get more leads, acquire more customers, and increase traffic to your website and content.

Ready to get started? How about scheduling a free discovery session with our team? No strings attached, just a casual conversation to see how we can help you. Click here to get started.

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