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Paper Newsletters May Be Old School, But the E-Newsletter Still Kicks Major Butt

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Paper Newsletters May Be Old School, But the E-Newsletter Still Kicks Major Butt on contentbacon.com

Alive and kicking—the newsletter continues to evolve.

Twenty years ago, marketers in all industries used various tried and true methods to communicate and engage customers. Fast forward two decades and one of them, the newsletter, is still alive and kicking butt when it comes to customers outreach. Here’s why you shouldn’t ditch your company’s newsletter just yet:

Give your customers what they want

With the insane amount of information that’s continuously inundating inboxes and streaming across social media platforms, it’s hard for customers to decipher which bits of news are really worth their declining attention spans. While you may be thinking that everyone is glued to their favorite sites and searching for what’s trending, the truth is that newsletters give your customers (and prospects) the information they care about. Most likely, it’s also something that they willingly subscribe to.

A cost effective way to build your audience

E-newsletters are one of the most cost effective ways to communicate with customers, employees, potential customers, and anyone else you want to share information with. For practically pennies on the dollar, you’re able to reach an immeasurable amount of people all at once—and vamping up your newsletter with hyperlinks to your blog or other content you’ve created exponentially increases the audience that you reach. While the days of printed newsletters may be dwindling—e-newsletters are just getting started.

Establish yourself as a leader

Using your newsletter, you have the ability to impart wisdom, provide valuable information, and build a reputation among the audience in your field. When you consistently deliver informative content, you are fostering trust and demonstrating expertise. This alone sets you apart from your competition.

It’s content that serves multiple purposes

Your customers, employees, vendors, and prospects are accessing information from multiple sources these days—including blogs, podcasts, videos, webinars, and more. When you create newsletters, you have the ability to use some or all of that content to reach different audiences by simply repurposing it for whichever format you’re using. So you can take some of the content from your monthly (or weekly) posts and create a series of separate white papers, a case study, or social media posts without having to reinvent the wheel every time. Generating awareness of your brand through multiple channels without breaking the budget—now that’s smart.

Improve relationships and build value with customers

Offering your customers content that solves a problem, offers solutions, or provides valuable information shows that you know your stuff. When you create content that includes personalized recommendations tailored to your customer’s business or lifestyle, you’re establishing a more meaningful relationship that builds loyalty. Add in a survey or poll and you have a conversation going that can only pack more punch.

Easily build your database

In the old days, marketers had to fork out a lot of dough to gain new prospects. Buying lists took a hefty chunk out of many marketing budgets, as it was a solid method of gaining access to new leads and reaching prospects. And while you can still drop several thousand dollars for a list, it’s no longer a necessary tool for success. Simply asking for emails via your newsletter subscribers is not a shot in the dark—these folks are willing participants who choose to receive your content. So you’re not only building relationships, you’re building a database for your company that can be used in numerous ways.

The proof is in the pudding

Or in this case—click rates. You don’t have to wonder whether or not your newsletters are working; you can measure results every single time you send one out. The number of folks that opened, clicked through, and used hyperlinks from your newsletter is very accessible information. With this, you are able to compare one issue to the next, and to determine the practices that work best for your company. And because companies like MailChimp offer automated services, including automated newsletter send outs, managing subscriptions and tracking results—all you have to do is bask in the glory of your marketing genius!

So, if you thought the newsletter’s days were numbered, think again. This marketing tool has not only survived through the ages, it’s evolved right along with the digital revolution.

If you’re looking to create a company newsletter, talk to us! As a leader in the industry, we create custom content that helps our clients reach more people, successfully build their brands, and exceed marketing goals. And we can do the same for you. Get in touch with us today!

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