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Look Alive! If Your Business Isn't Doing These Things Online, You May as Well Be Dead

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Look Alive If Your Business Isn't Doing These Things Online You May as Well Be Dead

You may think no one’s paying attention to your blog or social media, but this story proves otherwise

People are visiting your website. Right now, even as you read this. And what do they see? A couple blog posts from 2016. That doesn’t look right. So they try you on Facebook…nada. Twitter…zilch. LinkedIn…crickets. You haven’t posted anything since you promoted that blog back in 2016.

And people wonder: Maybe they went out of business. Or maybe they’re just not profitable. And down the rabbit hole they go.

True story, bro

Did you know that 57% of the sales cycle is complete before a prospect connects with your sales team? Yup. People are doing their research, getting educated, and comparing options online. Only when they’re narrowed down their choices do they reach out to have a conversation.

So if people are going to your website looking for content that educates them or helps them make a decision and they see that you haven’t been active on social or on your blog for years, they’re probably not going to reach out to you at all.

One of our newer customers was lucky enough to have some genuinely good people going to their website:


In the space of 24 hours, two people had reached out to them asking if everything was okay with the business because their blog and social media weren’t current. And while these people were kind enough to care, how many people just assume they know what’s happening and move on to a competitor?

Probably more than you care to realize.

Anybody home?

A digital presence is as essential as your physical business presence. A consistently updated blog, active social media profiles, and a device responsive website aren’t “would be nice to haves”. They are things your business simply must have in order to look alive online.

These are basic, foundational musts. It doesn’t matter whether you think people are reading every single blog or eagerly awaiting your next social post. These are the basics consumers research to see if you’re even a viable option.

Maintaining your web presence and keeping it looking good is just as, or even more important than maintaining your physical location.

Consider the number of people your physical business might interact with in a year. It’s likely dictated by proximity. Few people would jump on a plane and pay you a visit from the other side of the planet.

And that’s why a digital presence is more than essential. It’s estimated that 3.2 billion people around the world have internet access. You’d know if they were all visiting. They’re not.

But, consider this: If only 1/100th of a single percent of the people who could be curious about you actually were curious enough about you to seek you out online, your business could generate 323,000 prospects.

Except they’d all think you were out of business.

4 steps to join the living and give yourself a pulse online

If you’re not doing these four things, you basically look—at least to any online prospect—like you’re dead.

  1. Device-responsive website
  2. Active blog
  3. Active social media accounts
  4. A monthly newsletter

An active blog may be the most important of these four elements, and here’s why. It’s your most powerful tool to offer the thing prospects have determined to be more valuable than anything else. And, it’s not your product or service. At least not yet.

They’re looking for a two-step thing, actually.

  • Validation
  • Education

Your blog is not a self-promotional vehicle that deserves your attention only when nothing else in your business needs it (which will be never).

Your blog is the thing that helps people identify and confirm that, yes, there are others who have this problem. Your blog is the thing that arms them with perspective and education about the problem—and which makes you a trusted authority.

Your blog is what ultimately leads them to ask you for your solution.

Learn more about how we can keep your business from falling into an early grave. Get instant access to our latest guide on how to attract more clients with custom content.

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