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Chewing the Fat Episode 2

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Chewing the Fat Episode 2

In our exciting second episode of “Chewing the Fat,” Jason Etter, ContentBacon’s VP of Marketing, gives an update on our customer portal. He also talks about donning your prospect hat to evaluate the customer experience.

First, the customer portal. ContentBacon has made a big update to the Google Sheet you’re already familiar with. Now, you have hands-on access to all the historical information we’ve shared with you so you can see what’s outstanding or needs approval.

Next, remember that you can never know how a prospect sees your website without stepping into their shoes. Jason challenges you to visit your website, pretend to be a prospect, and fill out some of your forms. How is the experience? Would you be willing to give the information you’re asking for? 

Finally, even the best websites have a shelf-life. You may have put a ton of effort into yours in the past, but you still need to update it regularly and give it care moving forward. Make sure you’re fulfilling prospects’ needs right now. Ask: Am I providing a satisfactory experience?

Don’t forget to check out our next episode with more tasty tips!


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