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What’s New?

What’s Next

Wouldn’t you love to speak directly to your customers and prospects and let them know what they need to know, right now! Or what’s new? How about what’s coming next? Part of our job as business leaders is to not only be helpful, but also help people see what maybe they cannot. Here’s a chance to do so.

ContentBacon co-founders are having conversations with other founders and business leaders getting to the heart of the matter about what’s now, what’s coming next and what’s new. We’ll connect over Zoom, ask probing questions, have a laugh or two, record it, add your animated logo and even help you distribute it. Here’s a peak at what one looks like:




Wondering what to do with it:

  • Add to your website
  • Add to your YouTube and/or Vimeo Channel
  • Send to your email list
  • Share on your social media
  • Rinse, repeat

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