Is your financial tech content marketing strategy stalled because you've got a million other things going on? We're financial technology content marketing experts !

  • You’ve tried the freelance route, but they do not understand financial technology inbound marketing.
  • You’ve tried working with a writing service but they miss all of the important points.
  • You’ve even tried hiring a team on your own but it can get expensive.
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We want to work with you to help make tasty, custom financial technology content on a consistent basis that’s trending and easy for you to execute.

The Bacon Sweet Spot

We are a content subscription service that gives you the resources (words, images, and sounds) to tell your unique story. Our team of writers, editors, strategists, marketers, designers, and branding experts live and breathe content marketing.

What we deliver:

  • 4 Monthly Articles
  • 36 Social Posts (e.g. 12 FB, 12, Li, 12 Tw)
  • Monthly Newsletter to Prospects
  • Quarterly Strategy Calls
  • Monthly Oversight, Management, Reporting
  • Content Amplification
  • Gated Conversion Kit Content
  • SEO friendly Pillar Pages
  • Retargeting content


Inbound Flywheel

Subscriptions Starting at $2,200 per month for
Financial Tech Companies.

But it’s not just about financial technology content marketing blogs and posts, it’s about telling a story in a compelling way that helps nurture your audience into a sweet sauce of crunchy conversion.

Burning Questions? Chat with our CEO.

If you're still on the fence about what you need to get your financial tech content marketing sizzling, why not book a time with Wendy?


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