Just because your Agency needs to produce content for your clients, doesn't mean you have to create it.

  • You’ve tried the freelance route.
  • You’ve tried working with a writing service.
  • You’ve even tried hiring a team on your own.
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We work with agencies to help make tasty, custom content on a consistent basis easy and effective.

2 Flavors of Bacon for Agencies

1. White Label Partnership

You need a high-quality consistent solution for the companies you were already working with. 

We deliver content to you for your clients... 

  • White label pricing
  • Choice of how much, length, expertise, what level of service you want 
    • Different levels of service include: 
      • 3 month, 6 months, 12-month content strategy vs you providing that to us
      • Topic development
      • Staging/posting on back end
  • Dedicated project manager and editor to oversee writing ensure write talent is always in place for consistency with all accounts
  • Dedicated slack channel
  • Bi-weekly (or more frequent if needed in beginning) check-ins
  • Client tracking sheet
  • Monthly detailed billing based on what was ordered

2. Upsell

You need to offer an opportunity for your clients that need content but aren’t currently paying for it. 

We do the heavy lifting... 

Upsell Version One: Refer the work to ContentBacon and (if it’s a good fit) we’ll send over a referral fee to you for all content

Upsell Version Two: White Label services through our standard menu (mark up as you please)

The Bacon Sweet Spot

We are a content subscription service that gives you the resources (words, images, and sounds) to tell your unique story. Our team of writers, editors, strategists, marketers, designers, and branding experts live and breathe content marketing.

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We kick ass at creating…
Content Marketing
Blog Content
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Email Marketing
Ebooks/Resource Guides
Social Media Posts (promoting the blog content or info on your website)
Content Marketing
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Subscriptions Starting at $2,200 per month for
Agencies with 20+ or more clients

Burning Questions? Chat with our CEO.

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