Career for a ContentBacon Writer

Career for Content Writer

Our core values are near and dear to our hearts. For us to have equal footing in a belief system, you must live, breathe, and eat B.A.C.O.N!

  • Bullshit free zone
  • Act with integrity
  • Constantly curious and creating
  • Outrageous customer service
  • NO Dickheads Allowed

If you find yourself saying, “Yeah, right on!” then continue reading. If not, feel free to bail here. We know there won’t be a love connection.

What we look for in a writer
  • Insatiable curiosity: Folks who write for Bacon do lots of research. And they’re good at it. They read. They stay up to date on best practices. They enjoy digging into unfamiliar subjects and quickly become subject matter experts.
  • Storytellers: Bacon writers understand that every piece of content—each blog, social post, whitepaper, video script, and newsletter—is just one short story inside a larger brand story. They see the big picture and can whittle it down into easily-digestible chapters.
  • Innate editors: Bacon writers strive for impeccability. They take the time to review and critique their own work before submitting it to make sure that each piece supports the customer’s strategy and is optimized for both people and SEO. Track changes make them blush.
  • Conversion-focused: Bacon writers understand the art of persuasion and are clever, subtle, and effective. They know that content isn’t a hard sell, but an invitation to think, feel, and act. (If you don’t know who Joanna Wiebe is, we suggest you get hip before you apply.)
  • Open to constructive feedback: Bacon writers, like all of our team members, are open to self-improvement. They take on feedback from our customers and editors. When copy gets kicked back for revisions, they see it as a challenge, not a failure.
  • Versatile: Bacon writers are natural mimics. They can pick up on a brand’s personality and take on their voice, style, and tone. Heck, sometimes, they even create it.
  • Strategic: Bacon writers understand branding and strategy. And they aren’t order takers. They collaborate with our editors to develop content that people genuinely want to read. They actively suggest ideas for customers’ blogs based on their research. If an assignment feels off-base, they have a conversation with the editor before they write it to make sure it’s really in alignment with the strategy.
  • Deadline-driven and communicative: When information is sparse or guidance is needed, Bacon writers raise their hand and ask for support. They don’t wallow in misery and fall down the rabbit hole. If a deadline is looming and they’re not sure they’ll hit it, they don’t let it pass and hope we don’t notice. They’re proactive. They let us know it might not happen as soon as they realize there’s an issue. They also set a new expectation for when they can have it done. This allows our editors to be in communication with customers or to reassign anything with a hard deadline in enough time for another member of the team to do a bang-up job.
What we expect from writers
  • You take the time to go to the client website and familiarize yourself with their business and market.
  • You review the customer intake questionnaire that we provide as well as their blog and any resources they provide.
  • You follow competitors to see what they’re doing and find ways to do it differently and better.
  • You understand the basics of SEO and how to incorporate keywords into an article, but you always write for humans first.
  • You link to the client’s other blogs and web pages when it relates to the content you’re writing.
  • You ensure that everything you write is in line with our client’s brand and suitable for their target audience.
  • You think!
  • You welcome constructive criticism from our senior team and the customer. You’re willing to revise articles based on that feedback.
  • You turn things around quickly and are willing to take on projects with tight deadlines.
  • You never look at anything you do for a client as an assignment. We only want writers who want to create compelling content and tell an amazing story, not simply finish a task that has to get done.
  • You have “whatever it takes” attitude and genuinely want to impress customers with your expertise and ability


We have all kinds of positions for writers including part-time and full-time freelance positions that can work in or out of our Davie, FL office (of course, we’re especially keen on local talent!).