Chewing the What?!

Wendy and Jason live and breathe content marketing -but that doesn't mean you do. Perhaps you're a business owner looking to map your inbound strategy to pipeline? Maybe you're a marketing leader that has been on the fence between hiring a writer or outsourcing services. Maybe you're in sales and looking to get a leg up by humanizing your messaging in a way that converts.

We're here to talk with you!

Episode 1

Our first episode where we tackle the 6 Degrees of Bacon & How to make something (seemingly) boring or mundane interesting. 

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Episode 2

Visit your website, pretend to be a prospect, and fill out some of your forms. How is the experience? Would you be willing to give the information you’re asking for? 

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Episode 3

How do you find yourself pushing through the weeds and being recognizable to your target audience? 

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Copy of Episode frame Chewing the Fat

The most passionate advocate to tell that story must be the founder (or whoever is the top person in the company). They’re thinking much bigger than the rest of the organization, and it’s much more inspirational coming from them.

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Chewing the Fat Ep5

LinkedIn Messaging can be the perfect place to connect with people online. Wendy and Jason break it down in episode five.

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Copy of Chewing the Fat-1

Wendy and Jason discuss standing out as a brand leader when there’s so much noise inundating users online.

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The power of repurposing

Wendy and Jason talk about the power of patience and repurposing content (plus they make an exciting announcement).

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Copy of Chewing the Fat ep 8

Wendy and Jason talk about the power of falling in love with your customers and your teammates.

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Chewing the Fat ep9

Consistency does pay off. Often, when you’re trying to accomplish something, it’s tempting to make an erratic change rather than stick to your plan, but here’s the secret: that doesn’t work for anyone.

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Ep 10

Our customers are the reason we’re here, and we won’t let them forget it. In this episode, we talk about what Outrageous Customer Service is and how we deliver it. 

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Ep 11-1
On episode 11, Wendy and Jason discuss an award Wendy received, the importance of gratitude, and an exciting new offering from ContentBacon.

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