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Content Not Working?

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Content Not Working? on contentbacon.com

Find out why and the fixes you can make

When content marketing isn’t working, it’s a lot like that noise your car randomly makes. No, not that noise; the other noise.

It’s the noise you choose to ignore by turning up the volume on the radio. It’s the one you attempt to fix by opening up the hood and blindly tapping on a few things -- and the only results are greasy hands and if you're lucky, an impressed spouse.

The same is true with content marketing. When you’re not sure what’s happening under the hood, that nagging noise can actually lead to silence in your online presence and, subsequently, your business.

Assessing what is and isn’t happening

Before figuring out what’s wrong, it’s important to look at your content marketing strategy. What’s that? You don’t have a strategy? That could be a problem.

In developing a strategy, first determine which key performance indicators are the most important for you and your business. That provides a starting point of data to track as you move forward with your plan. Depending on those numbers, you’ll be able to amend your strategy accordingly.

You get what you pay for

While content marketing shouldn’t break your budget, it also shouldn’t be an afterthought. On some level, it has to be a part of your overall business plan. As such, is it going to be something you alone manage? Will you assign the task to an employee or a department? Will you look to an agency to lend a hand?

Will the answer to any of these questions provide you with the quality you demand for your content? This would be a good time to review your strategy -- there’s that word again -- because it makes no sense to throw good money at a bad strategy.

Who knows about your content?

This is going to hurt a little bit: Not only does the world not know about your content, it’s not even waiting for it. To have your content be seen, you have to get the word out. That means promoting your content on other social media platforms and understanding and using SEO to its fullest -- which should all be part of your strategy and your budget.

Consumers want quality

It’s really no different than when you bring your noisy car into the shop. You have an expectation that it will be repaired, that there will not be grease stains on the seats and scratches in the paint, that it will be washed, and that you may be provided with a loaner car until your repairs are complete.

The same rings true with content marketing. Your customers expect in-depth, valuable, and well-written content. To meet those expectations, your content marketing should have a theme, worthwhile topics, and interesting angles that speak to your clients.

The rules of engagement

Envision your content as you, standing at the door to your shop on Main Street. This is where you chat with passersby, where you invite them inside, where you are able to either satisfy their needs or help them discover a need, and where you invite them back and ask them to tell their friends.

Your content does exactly that -- only digitally -- which requires a whole new set of skills.

Putting it all together

Content Bacon is able to look under the hood of your content and ensure all of the parts are in fine working order -- from smart strategy to well-lubricated writing to all of the nuts and bolts in between. Contact our pit crew today.

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