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How To Reach The New Cannabis Customer.
November 8th at 3pm (EST).

 Who Should Attend

Businesses in Cannabis that want to use content to stand out in a regulated, commoditized business to connect with prospects in order to drive traffic, generate leads and customers.


What You Can Expect

 Learn how to use content to drive traffic to your site, get your visitors to take action and generate recurring customers

We'll answer questions like:

  • How much content should you create?

  • What should I write about to position my business as a thought leader?

  • What kind of results can I expect?

  • How do I stand out from the competition?

  • How do I know who my ideal target audience is?

  • How do I make sure my customer facing team tells our story correctly?

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Meet The Host

Sonia Melamed
Sonia has lived in South Florida for most of her life. She is a veteran in creating and managing digital content that builds relationships for organizations and individuals. She became involved in the cannabis industry while seeking alternative treatments for her sister who has Multiple Sclerosis. Since then, she has been committed to spreading knowledge and aiding in educating others about the industry.

Meet The Presenters

Scott Rabinowitz
Founder, Buoyancy Digital

Scott has bought and sold more than $1B in online advertising and has spent the last 20 years working with merchants and service providers in all segments of the digital and eCommerce food chain. Buoyancy Digital is a strategic partner to ContentBacon

Dr. Anya Temer, DO
Physician, Total Holistic Center
Dr. Temer is a leading expert in the field of Medical Marijuana. As a Florida physician, she’s an early adopter having started prescribing this incredible, yet controversial treatment with her patients in Spring of 2017.