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1 hour with us and we'll ghostwrite 30 days of content

We'll WRITE it all

$ 1,999 /month

We'll hold a one hour interview every month with you to ask a series of questions relevant to your industry, audience, and vision. In 30 days, we'll deliver you a digital file with: 

  • 31 posts for your social media profile
  • 4 short articles on relevant industry experience
  • 1 monthly reflection newsletter that summarizes the previous months content

An easy button for entrepreneurs to look alive on social and nurture leads. 

As an entrepreneur, time is money. 


You need to look alive, have a digital presence and provide fresh perspectives to earn new business opportunities. 

Typically, that means YOU need to be active on social media, sending out nurturing messages and producing some semblance of a monthly aggregation to keep your current leads present to the cool shit you'r working on and thinking about. 

On average, a single quality piece of content could take three to five hours of a professional time -multiply that with a tangible content strategy and the cost of you to have a presence is months worth of work (or fall flat on its face as because of multiple fires you needed to put out). 

So why the hell should content fall on your shoulders?

You shouldn't.